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Von Mehl Company, Inc. is a full service specialty industrial supply and service company. We operate three, integral groups, consisting of our Denross NE, Life’ A Blast, and Rust Bullet NE.

We are authorized representatives, distributors and applicators of the patented Rust Bullet line of specialty rust inhibitor coatings and surface preparation products. We also are an authorized distributor for Rust Bullet Products (

Headquartered in Lewiston, Maine, Von Mehl Company, Inc - Denross group offers unique solutions for cleaning and coating of assets exposed to severe conditions.

  • Denross NE offers specialized cleaning and coating field services to industrial, commercial and residential clients whose projects are in the most arduous of conditions.

Our specialty is the Pulp and Paper Industry particularly the restoration and preservation of paper machinery throughout the United States. This specialty holds many challenges. Sever conditions, short maintenance periods and heavy corrosion.

Room temperature oxidation, the most common form of corrosion, is most obvious in mild and low-alloy steels. The process is accelerated dramatically by comparatively small amounts of contaminants found in the paper making process.

When exposed to high temperatures, metals will almost invariable result in oxidation of metal surfaces. Chemical corrosion is the result of attack by acids or alkaline compounds which dissolve the metal surface. Electrolytic corrosion occurs when two metals in contact with each other have different electrode potentials. It is a major contributor to most of the corrosion found in steels.

By virtue of its environment the paper machine is prone to all of these types of corrosion. Typically rust abatement and coatings application must be accomplished in short maintenance windows; a typical extended outage period will 3 days or 96 hours, standard outages are between 12-24 hours. This will vary depending on the mechanical work that has to be done, the more significant the longer the outage.

The Rust Bullet product has made a significant difference relative the amount of time it takes us to ready the substrate through the life time of the coating system employed, a very significant difference.

We utilize Rust Bullet as a standalone product for structural steel and tanks but typically will top coat with an epoxy on the paper machine proper. Our client mills are not only employing Denross for the application process but are also purchasing the product to be used by in house maintenance personal, particularly the rolls shops and building trades departments. In fact it was our paper industry clients, coupled with the great success we have had with the product that brought the concept of becoming a stocking distributor of the Rust Bullet product line back in 2007.

We would welcome the opportunity to review your specific requirements and offer our service recommendations.

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