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Denross NE

Denross (Asset Preservation)

When it comes time to clean and coat your paper machinery, work with the experts. Our Denross NE group is a specialized cleaning and coating service company catering to the U.S. pulp and paper industry.

We travel the country reconditioning paper machinery and machine rooms. Our process provides for thorough rust abatement and cleaning of the substrate by use of mechanical scaling, hand and power tool cleaning and then soda blasting the entire substrate, this coupled with our coatings system equates a long lasting protection to our client mills assets. We also offer dryer cylinder cleaning with our automated systems ensure even, accurate cleaning of the dryer cylinder shell.

Coupled with our mobile services we offer our services at our work shop. Our facility is located at 6 Fires Slate Place, Lewiston, Maine we occupy a 4,535 sq.’ facility equipped with a media blasting booth, paint booth, and maintenance area. Along with media blasting and coating we are tooled for light mechanical work.

BlastingWe offer a wide range of blasting media to answer virtually any cleaning need. From soda blasting with bicarbonate of soda for safe cleaning of machinery in the field to the use of garnet in our shop for removal of rust and contaminates or achieving a profile prior to coating for bearing housings or suction roll vacuum assemblies, and machinery components. Our abilities and knowledge of the paper industry makes us the best choice for our clients to partner with relative to asset reconditioning and preservation.

CoatingsSpecializing in Epoxy Coatings we welcome an opportunity to discuss your specific coatings needs. We also offer the application and sales of our Rust Bullet rust inhibitor products. Along with many of our client mills we find Rust Bullet to be the ideal maintenance coating as well as specialty uses such as vacuum boxes within suction rolls. When it comes time to insulate a steam lines, tanks or other equipment we offer our Nansulate thermal insulating products, no longer will the expense of CUI (corrosion under insulation) be a worry. Energy costs can be reduced by insulating areas that in the past had been impractical.

Single pieces to production runs, out in the field or in our shop, side by side with others as mechanical work is taking place, we have the expertise and practical experience to answer your particular project requirements safely and on time.

Our reference list is long and includes International Paper, Sappi Fine Paper, Rand Whitney Containerboard, Kimberly Clark, Verso Paper, and New Page Corp., Should you require the complete list let us know and we would be happy to provide it.

Thank you for taking the time to allow me to introduce our Denross NE group we welcome an opportunity to partner with you regarding your specific cleaning and coating needs.

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